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The defining biography of a decade, as told through exclusive interviews with more than 40 icons, entertainers and innovators who shaped its identity.

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As the 1980s draw to a close, the Cold War might be thawing, but the Berlin Wall still stands. America deploys a powerful ‘weapon’ to hasten its fall: pop culture. American movies, TV shows, music, and even the news, carry U.S. values and ideas out to the world and into the Soviet Bloc, swaying hearts and minds.

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The 80s - often described as the decade when greed was good. But it also marked the beginning of a potent alliance between charity and celebrity. Huge events are staged to deal with the crisis of poverty abroad and at home. President Reagan has set out a vision of a better future for Americans in the famous campaign ad, Morning in America. His foreign policy, however, is paying dividends - he is breaking down barriers as he pushes for an end to the Cold War.

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With the mantra "greed... is good," Gordon Gekko encapsulates the 1980’s drive for excess and ruthless ambition in Oliver Stone’s "Wall Street" while big traders mirror his notoriously bad behaviour with insider trading and drug use in real life. In the 80s, CEOs see their salaries skyrocket while women struggle to overcome office boys’ clubs. And, the quest to climb higher also leads to one of the ‘80s biggest tragedies, as NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger explodes during lift off, claiming the lives of all on board.

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Nonstop glamour and excess find a new poster girl in the 1980s when a hot young singer sees her chance to create her own brand. Madonna inspires countless girls across the globe to hit the nearest shopping mall to match her distinctive style. Young men with money to burn are buying into the young professional - or "yuppie" - lifestyle, and scooping up the latest expensive gadget: the cell phone. And, marketers learn an important lesson about the power of these new consumers in 1985 when Coca Cola’s disastrous launch of New Coke threatens its position against Pepsi.

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In 1981, Ronald Reagan is propelled into the U.S. presidency. Reagan’s business mandate leads to a new breed of entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs, whose “1984” style commercial helped launch the Super Bowl commercial phenomenon; Ted Turner, who re-invents the news business with the creation of 24-hour news; and Ben & Jerry, who successfully combine the hippie vibe of the 1960s with the entrepreneurial spirit of the 1980s.

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In this global mega-doc, National Geographic tells the story of the 1980s like never before. An epic rollercoaster ride told through astonishing archive and dramatic reconstruction, The 80s features interviews with music and film superstars as well as titans of technology, business, media and politics. We’ll bring you ten years of breakneck innovation, glamour, success, and ambition, all shot through fascinating trends. Welcome back to the 1980s.

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